Goodbye November 2018

One more month till 2019.


This is a quote from one of my neighbors in the sims.

November has passed and 2019 is almost here. One more month to go. With that being said, November only felt like a week. Here are some things that were memorable to me.

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Starting a Legacy

Sul Sul!
1st photo

This is my first attempt at The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. I will be trying to follow all the rules which can be found here. I always wanted to try the Legacy Challenge so I hope you guys enjoy this Legacy Challenge with me.

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Ole Henriksen Pore Mask Review

I just got back from EDC Las Vegas a few days ago. I know, it ended the 20th, but I stayed in Vegas a few extra days so I can just stay in bed all day and relax after spending 3 days with non-stop dancing and zero sleep. When I got back home, I received a package from Influenster, and oh boy! It’s a skincare product!

(image from tumblr)
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Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Review

I just recently purchased the Sims 4: Cats and Dogs because there’s a sale going on. It’s 50% off right now until tomorrow, March 27. It only cost around $21 when it really cost around $40. I’ve been playing it for about a few hours now… Here are my thoughts about the game.

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How I satisfy my sushi cravings

If you’re a sushi-lover, avocado-lover, and a broke college student like me than this recipe is just for you! Sushi can get expensive, especially salmon sushi rolls (which are my favorite!). Whenever I’m craving sushi I make myself avocado sushi rolls. I know, I know, “if it isn’t raw fish, then it’s not real sushi”. But this is cheaper, and satisfies my sushi cravings until I can have raw fish sushi. What makes this cheap is that you probably have most of these ingredients at home already! You don’t need to buy sushi rice, you can use regular rice!finishedalltogether

I am not bragging or saying that I know how to roll sushi. I know my sushi is ugly. I recently just started to roll my own sushi a few weeks ago because it was cheaper than getting sushi delivered. I’m not saying I am a professional sushi maker at all. I am just showing you how I make my sushi.

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